Water Well Drilling

Waterwells are drilled in close coordination with the under their supervision and guidance of AEWRD.

The Waterwell drilling division of Al Hoty Analytical Services has drilled hundreds of production water wells in the Kingdom of Bahrain for Agriculture, drinking water, commercial, industrial, Oil drilling, Aquaculture uses. AAS also carries out drilling of waterwells for the disposal of R.O. plant rejects, Rainwater etc. into safer zones of groundwater aquifers.

AAS is one of the few approved Waterwell contractors by the Agricultural Engineering and Water Resources Directorate (AEWRD) in the Kingdom of generic viagra online. Waterwells are drilled in close coordination with the under their supervision and guidance of AEWRD.

Drilling of Water wells are carried out using truck mounted rotary drilling rigs.   AAS has a complete fleet of drilling rigs of xanax bars and all the related accessories to cater the different needs of the clients.

Rigs and Equipment of Waterwell Drilling Division


  • Ingersoll Rand T4W Drilling Rigs – 2 Nos.
  • Dando 250 Drilling Rig
  • Dando 220 Drilling Rig
  • Water tanker – Trailor mounted
  • Hiab Trucks – 2 Nos.
  • Piston pumps
  • Air Compressors
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  •  Submersible Pump – 6” Diameter
  • Submersible Pump – 4” Diameter
  • Pumping Test System
  • Electrical Water level indicator
  • Groundwater divers
  • Electrical Conductivity meter




Drilling of production water wells for:

o Agriculture

o Hotels

o Bottling Plants

o Beverages Plants

o Commercial use

o Industrial Use

o Oil/Gas Drilling use

o Aquaculture


Drilling of disposal water wells:

o RO Plant Reject water

o Rain/storm water

o Oil/Gas Drilling injection



Maintenance of Waterwells

  • Replacement of casings, tubings
  • Clearing the silt, collapses, filling etc.
  • Cleaning by Airlfting
  • Development by Airlifting and pumping


Other Activities:


  • Sampling of water for testing purposes
  • Plugging of water wells