Inspection and Certification API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Inspection

A broad range of industries rely on above ground storage tanks (AST) for storage and transfer of various liquids. Ensuring the integrity and safety of ASTs is critical to operations.

Alhoty is qualified to complete all API 653 AST inspections and certifications applicable to the inspection, repair, alteration and rerating procedures for ASTs.  Alhoty’s services include dome or floating tanks, cryogenic tanks, and distinctive designs contained in API or other certification agencies.

Alhoty’s API 653 inspection and certification utilizes advanced inspection and survey systems along with database (DB) management software.

Alhoty API 653 AST inspection procedure includes:

  • API 653 Inspector verification
  • Tank Floor corrosion scanning by MFL
  • Tank Floor thickness verification by UTM
  • Tank Floor laser alignment for settling
  • Tank Floor leak testing by Vacuum box and MT
  • Tank structure and foundation survey
  • Tank Shell inspection by UTM
  • Tank Shell survey by Rope Access certified inspectors
  • Tank Shell survey by laser and theodolite
  • Tank shell banding, peaking, and ovality verification
  • Tank Roof visual and thickness testing by UTM
  • Floating roof, seal and pontoon verification
  • Tank coils and drains hydro testing

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