Geotechnical Investigation involves analyzing soil conditions from the visible top layer extending to increasing depths both onshore and offshore to determine the ground potential to support the structures built on it.

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Material Testing

Materials testing refers to the measurement of the characteristics and behaviour of substances such as metals, ceramic or plastics under various conditions.

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Calibration services are mandatory for a wide variety of operations that use measurement equipment including manufacturing, fabrication, construction, health care, shipping, aviation and more.

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Chemical Testing

Alhoty Bahrain chemical testing division ensures safety of industries and public by confirming product quality of food and beverage, water and industrial materials.

The department includes state of the art laboratory for testing analytical chemistry, microbiology, food, drug, oil and air quality.

The department caters to construction, marine, oil and gas, petrochemical, water, food and beverage and prominent retail chains in Bahrain.

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It is not uncommon for testing techniques to damage components during testing procedures.

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Inspection and Certification

Confirming that critical assets adhere to standards and quality of workmanship is paramount to ensure asset life cycle expectations are met with nil or minimal unplanned disruptions due to asset failure.

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