Chemical Testing Agriculture Product Testing

Nutritional properties of agricultural products for human and animal consumption and further processing are dependent on the quality of soil, water, air and additives used for growing foods.  Testing agricultural products provide valuable information on a product’s nutritional content, identifies the presence of any pesticides or contaminants and guides techniques for improving agriculture production and quality.

Alhoty can provide agricultural product testing for all aspects of agricultural quality and safety.  Alhoty testing provides valuable information before agricultural products go to the market or reach store shelves.

On the input side, Alhoty tests the physical and chemical properties of soils, fertilizers, water and agricultural inputs including:

  • Physical Tests: Acidity (pH), Conductivity, Adsorption Ratio and Other Properties
  • Chemical Composition: Salt Content, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, Sodium and Other Chemicals and Minerals
  • Organic Composition: Bacteria Identification, Nematodes and Other Organic Matter

On the output side, Alhoty tests and analyzes pulses, cereals, plants, fruits, vegetables and other packaged food products  for nutritional values, physical and chemical properties and contaminants including:

  • Physical Testing: Moisture, Ash, Crude Fiber and Other Base Contents
  • Chemical Testing: Protein, Sugars, Starches, Cholesterol, Fat, Free Fatty Acid and Other Micro-and Macro-nutrients
  • Microbiology Testing: E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Other Pathogens
  • Contaminant Testing: Heavy Metals, Aflatoxins, Pesticides and Other Contaminants

Alhoty specializes in providing the highest standards for agricultural product testing to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products from source to shelf.