Material Testing Asphalt & Bituminous Testing

Alhoty provides physical testing on a wide range of pavements to ensure they are the right fit for the project under consideration.

Alhoty’s asphalt and bituminous testing provide results with all bituminous grades identified.  Our asphalt testing is aimed at evaluating the integrity of asphalt products used in construction projects.

Insights from the testing and advice from our experts enables maintain consistent quality of asphalt products that enables clients to maintain operational control and meet internal and external project expectations.

In addition to grading, binder content and Marshall properties, Alhoty’s also provides engineering expertise.  Alhoty’s asphalt and bituminous testing offers insights for optimizing the designs and specifications needed for pavement operations.  Alhoty can also implement on-site monitoring and in-situ testing for the continuous ongoing support of construction projects.

To complement its laboratory service, Alhoty can also complete on-site material assessments and sampling services.