Calibration Calibration

Calibration services are mandatory for a wide variety of operations that use measurement equipment including manufacturing, fabrication, construction, health care, shipping, aviation and more.  Measuring equipment must have traceable records that meet international standards to ensure the equipment is in good working condition and maintains standard tolerances.

Calibration services from Alhoty provide first in class service and fast response times to ensure your company remains in compliance with no downtime.  Alhoty’s calibration department provides expert services to a wide variety of companies that include oil and gas, petrochemical, aviation, industrial and medical industries.

Why is Calibration Important?

  • Safety: Critical parameters require high levels of assurance to prevent unsafe conditions. Redundancies and verifications help ensure critical parameters remain consistent.  Regular calibration measuring equipment are designed to maintain consistency and monitor critical parameters to ensure safety.
  • Quality: Differences in product and operation quality comes down to the repeatability of details.  Finished products and procedures are designed to operate smoothly and continuously under very stringent parameters.  If those parameters are not repeatable, quality suffers.  Properly calibrated measurement equipment ensures the parameters are consistent that ensures continues operations.
  • Cost: Uncertainty in measurements can result in damaged products, lost time, wastage of materials and inaccurate results.  These costs leads to increased operating expenses and impact profitability.

Alhoty’s calibration services mitigate these risks with regular, scheduled calibration and certification that can be conducted onsite or in our laboratories.  Alhoty calibration services include:

  • On-site Calibration
  • Off-site Calibration
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Repair Services