Inspection and Certification Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

At times, component or materials are not easily accessible – due to geometry, location, or dangerous environments – for up-close visual inspection. In these cases, inspectors may use visual aids such as Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) or Remote Digital Video Inspection (RDVI) to complete necessary inspections.

A basic RVI/RDVI system has a light transmitting extension line with a lens and a light source on one end and a viewing eyepiece or video recording device on the other end. More sophisticated systems use fiber optics, distal LED light sources, and on-board computers for enhanced capabilities.

RVI and RDVI are cost-effective inspection techniques capable of capturing images inside of as tubes, pipes, rotating machinery, engines, heat exchangers, tray towers, refractory-lined vessels, and enclosed structures real-time. Alhoty often utilizes RVI and RDVI as a screening method for identifying localized corrosion and erosion before employing other NDT techniques.

Alhoty’s RVI/RDVI services are suitable for inspecting equipment including boilers, steam and gas turbines, generators, heat exchangers and condensers, tanks and vessels, rotating equipment, welds, and piping systems for flaws and corrosion. When used in conjunction with extraction tools, RVI/RDVI also have applications in foreign object search and retrieval.