Inspection and Certification Welding Inspection & Certification

Welded joints represent potential weak points in the piping structure due to the heat generated during welding.  These weaknesses can lead to failures. Completing welds quickly and efficiently with skilled welders using quality weldments minimizes these risks.  To ensure welders and weldments meet stringent quality requirements and meet standards set by codes, most jobs required certified welders and weldments.

Alhoty provides complete welding inspection & certification services to ensure welding quality is maintained according to stringent standards.  Alhoty’s welding certification is a hands-on welder qualification test conducted by a certified welding inspector.  They are designed to evaluate a welder’s or welding machine’s capabilities for producing sound, high-quality welds that meet codes or welding procedures required by a company, job site or industry standard.

Alhoty’s welding and inspection certification services include:

  • Inspection:
    • Visual inspection to verify conformance to EN 1090, EN 13480 AWS and ASME standards or specific client standards
    • Inspect materials and products for conformance to specifications
    • Ensure materials and products meet established tolerance levels
  • Generate Documentation:
    • Generate workshop work drawings
    • Final documentation (LTR) packages
    • Engineer piping/structural drawings.
  • Document Evaluation:
    • Interpret piping/structural drawings and all related technical documents.
    • Verify documentation of procedure qualification test results.
    • Verify documentation of performance qualification test results.
  • Material Verification: Determine if base materials, consumable welding materials, and welding filler metals meet specifications.
  • Equipment Verification: Determine if welding equipment used is appropriate for the welding procedure.
  • Procedure Verification:
    • Determine if welding procedures are correctly specified and qualified.
    • Determine if welding is performed according to applicable procedures.
  • Observation:
    • Witness or supervise performance and testing of procedure qualification tests.
    • Witness or supervise welder test assembly testing and/or welding operator qualification test
  • Operation Verification:
    • Determine if welders, welding operators, and tack welders are qualified and meet applicable standards.
  • Notification:
    • Identify evidence nonconformance to standards, qualification or requirements.
    • Identify when the welder’s or welding operator’s qualification is not current.

Alhoty welding inspectors hold the following qualifications:

  • SMAW, SAW, GTAW, FCAW, GMAW welding processes
  • Visual and dimensional inspections for piping and structural scope.
  • CSWIP 3.1
  • PCN 2, Radiographic Interpretation
  • PCN level 2, MPI
  • PCN level 2, DPI
  • Welding Inspection & Certification