Geotechnical Investigation involves analyzing soil conditions from the visible top layer extending to increasing depths both onshore and offshore to determine the ground potential to support the structures built on it. Typically, geotechnical investigation teams are the first to arrive at any construction site and generally set the direction for any construction project.

During a typical geotechnical investigation, Alhoty’s expert engineers investigate the surface and underground strata to understand its properties. Using the underlying ground properties, the engineers optimize the foundation’s design to prevent structural failures that may arise from various subsurface conditions. The result is a construction project starting with confidence knowing the foundation’s stability, endurance, and life-long resistance.

Alhoty investigations involves engaging its state-of-the-art drilling equipment and sampling facilities. The division is equipped with rigs of various capacities and operating capabilities to ensure the the right equipment is deployed for every project. With a fleet that includes crawler mounted, truck mounted, towed-type, and tripod-type drilling rigs, Alhoty geotechnical division can analyse a wide variety of terrains from loose soil to hard rock.

Alhoty’s capabilities encompass both offshore and onshore geotechnical investigations.